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What is Consumer Debt / Credit Counseling ?

Our debt management program will show your how to consolidate credit card debt, unsecured personal loans, medical bills and other consumer credit into one convenient payment, and help you achieve and maintain the financial freedom you deserve.

If you are experiencing a credit crises and need help paying bills, Sign Up Here and let our debt & credit counseling specialists show you how to get out of debt and save thousands in the process.

Our Consumer Debt/Credit Counseling program can help in many ways

  • Simple and easy to follow debt repayment plan
  • Strictly Confidential Counseling
  • Reduction / elimination of interest and late charges
  • Set up one convenient monthly payment
  • eliminate credit card debt & creditor harassment
  • Years of experience in consumer debt problems
  • Saving thousands of dollars
  • Get out of debt years sooner
  • Types of debt we can help you with

    Credit cards, medical bills, personal unsecured loans, gas and store credit cards, back taxes, repose, old utility bills etc.

    Getting out of Debt : Required Expert Counseling

    Counseling is matter of expertise, no one can just start counseling if he/she know 'HOW TO TALK', but it requires years of positive experience to become expert of Consumer Credit Counseling. We have great team of Professional Debt Consolidation Management.

    If you are burdened any of the following :-
  • Creditor harassment
  • Increasing Late fees and penalties
  • Not knowing which bill to pay first
  • Family crises over money matters
  • Creditor harassment you at work or at home

  • We can show you a way that will allow you to meet your current monthly obligations with ease, get out of debt year sooner, and save money at the same time.

    Kankuratan.com bring you superior customer service. We have help families to get out of debt and reach their financial goals. Our experienced counselors can help you via the internet and telephone as soon as you sign up free with no obligations. This will help us determine if, and how, Credit Counselors may be of service to you.

    Try out our simplified Sign Up form and receive your free consultation within 24-48 hours. It's quick, convenient, strictly confidential, and FREE with No Obligation at ALL ! Once you submit this form, you'll be immediately advised if Credit Counselors can assist you with your debt management needs.

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    SignUp Requires
    • Min. $2,500 debt
    • 2 or more accounts.
    • A source of income.
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