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1) Mortgage Articles    2) Mortgage Calculators

What is Mortgage :- A loan to purchase a home, where the property is used to guarantee repayment of the loan.

Dear visitors you are here cause you need Loan or Mortgage, but before you Sign up with any of lenders please Read below articles and furnish your knowledge about mortgage loan.

Special mortgage calculators

  1. Mortgage payment calculator
    Want to know how much your monthly payment is for your mortgage?
  2. Additional payment calculator
    How much do you save by paying more or making additional payments than your initial mortgage terms?
  3. How much do I have to earn?
    Not sure how much money you'll have to earn to afford your house payment and accompanying expenses?
  4. How much can I borrow?
    Want to know how big of a mortgage you can take on?
  5. Should I pay discount points?
    Not sure if you should pay discount points on your mortgage loan?
  6. How much will I save by refinancing my loan?
    How long will it take to recoup the costs of refinancing my home mortgage?
  7. How much will my tax deduction be?
    Want to know how much your home mortgage will save you in taxes?
  8. Bi-weekly mortgage calculator
    Want to know how much time and money you'll save paying off your loan on a bi-weekly payment plan?
  9. APR calculator
    To find out the annual percentage rate of your loan, enter the loan amount, interest rate, points, other costs
    and year-length term.
  10. Interest only monthly payment calculator
    To find out the monthly savings you could gain from an interest-only payment plan.

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