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Want to learn even more about debt relief, credit counseling, and debt consolidation? Take a look at the articles below for the latest news in the debt management industry. Please note that when you click the links below, you'll be visiting an external site.

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If the asset owner agrees to do such then with the help of collateralizing, the foreclosure of the asset is paid back by the debt consolidation loan ... & many other debt news

Countering Credit-Card Pushers :   October 11, 2007
A Ford Foundation-funded guerrilla marketing campaign on campuses is out to help students become savvy credit consumers ...  Read more

Financial Worries Can Lead to Physical and Mental Problems: The Washington Post   July 24, 2007
Persistent Stress Caused by Financial Worries Can Lead to Physical and Mental Problems Such as Hypertension and Eating Disorders, Say Experts... Read more

Living on one income is more doable than you think!:   June 1, 2007
Georgia and Thomas Gentry of Des Moines, Iowa, were tired of their consumer debt. After 8 years of escalating debt, they threw up their hands. 'It seems as if the more we pay down, the more we charge. We don't want to work just to pay our credit card bills!'...  Read more

Consuming Fire: Debt Slowly Killing The Big Spenders : New York Post   September 16, 2007
Consumer spending - the jet fuel that supplies 70% (percent) of the economic activity in this country - is in danger of being choked off, the result of mounting credit card debt and falling house prices...  Read more

Debt Management Company Watch Outs :   September 22, 2007
Choosing a debt management solution isnít a decision that can or should be made with ease. There are companies that promise they can relieve your debts if you send them money, but just how trustworthy are these companies?...  Read more

Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure :     July 25, 2007
Donít ignore the problem. The farther behind the borrower falls, the harder it will be to reinstate the loan and the more likely that the house will be lost...  Read more

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