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If you've run short of cash and it's another week until payday. The obvious answer is a no fax payday loan.

Get the facts.  Don't be fooled by promotional rates and gimmicks you may see on some payday lender sites.
* Fees and APR are listed, based on non-promotional rates, for borrowing $100.00 for 14 days.  Not all lenders offer loans in all states.  Updated 2/11/06.

No fax payday loans are just as easy to apply for and approval is fast. The no fax payday loans simply take one to two business days to be deposited into your bank account. This takes a little more planning on your part for no fax payday loans, but the results for you are the same. You'll have the no fax payday loans you need.

There are dozens of reasons to seek out no fax payday loans. Thousands of people find themselves with occasional minor emergencies that just won't wait until payday and no fax payday loans are the answer. One of the most common probably occurs for those people who simply miscalculate when particular bills fall due in comparison to their next payday.

For e.g., your rent (House, Car etc) may be due on the first of the month and you'd assumed you'd have another payday before then. But you discover that you won't get paid until the third of the month. It's a common enough problem, especially for those people who are only paid every two weeks, four weeks or monthly. That's when no fax payday loans can come to your rescue.

As soon as you realize there's going to be a shortfall, just go online and fill out our easy apply form for the no fax payday loans, then choose the "no fax payday loans" option. Even if you have access to a fax machine, if you don't need the money deposited into your account immediately you might want to select the no fax payday loans option. Overall you might find the convenience of the no fax payday loans are just what you need to get you over another of life's hurdles.

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